Q Acoustics QI65CW St Weatherproof 6.5" In-Ceiling Speaker

SKU Q Acoustics QI65CW St Weatherproof

Q Acoustics QI65CW St Weatherproof 6.5" In-Ceiling Speaker

All the in-ceiling models boast a 6.5" (165mm) polypropylene cone. In the superior 'Performance' variants this is an injection-moulded, mass damped, Nano Particle based driver cone, for lower distortion and colouration. Q Install has used cutting edge industrial and acoustic engineering to create a striking bezel and grille design that clips magnetically into place. Circular grille options are available to ensure the perfect match for each customer's décor. Shallow depth requirement - all models are less than 84 mm deep.

Adjustable high frequency output level feature in the 'Performance' and 'Weatherproof' models. Swivel tweeters allow fine-tuning of the installation acoustics. Grille geometry has been carefully optimized to ensure the perfect balance between sound and discreet appearance.

All models are moisture proof, with the Weatherproof models being suitable for more extreme use. Stainless steel fixings and corrosion resistant aluminium grilles are utilized together with fully sealed drive units to ensure no water ingress.

Q Install speakers come carefully packaged with installation template and fitting instructions. All models feature protective driver dust covers and cloth backed grilles to facilitate painting should it be required.

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