Neff B57CR22N1B Built In Single Oven in Stainless Steel

by Neff

Cook the way you want with Neff’s built-in single oven. It comes with 12 different heating methods so no matter what you’re cooking, you’ll be sure to get it right first time.

How big is this oven?

This is a standard sized oven – designed to be built-in and would be great at eye-level for ease of use. The dimensions are: 

Depth: 548 mm

Height: 596 mm

Width: 595 mm

The oven’s capacity is 71 litres.

Is this a fan oven?

Yes – this is a fan oven so you’re sure to get an even heat throughout. Neff has developed CircoTherm technology – an outstanding hot-air system for simultaneous baking and roasting on up to three levels. 

What cooking functions does it have?

It has 12 cooking functions including:

  • CircoTherm Cooking: fan convection cooking, ideal for baking and roasting on several levels simultaneously.
  • Top and Bottom heating: utilising top and bottom heating elements, suitable for baking and roasting on one level, ideal for cakes with moist toppings.
  • Bottom Heat: suitable for baking bread, cakes and for browning crusts, ideal for cooking pizzas.
  • Pizza Setting: combining fan convection and bottom heating, for cooking pizza and dishes which require a lot of heat from underneath.
  • Bottom Heat: Suitable for baking bread, cakes and for browning crusts, ideal for cooking pizzas.
  • Radiant Grilling and Hot Air Grilling: central zone and full-width grill options. suitable for grilling and toasting large or small portions of meat and bread (e.g. steaks, sausages, burgers and bread, etc.).
  • Eco CircoTherm and Eco Top/Bottom cooking programmes: energy optimised cooking programmes, utilising the fan convection element or top and bottom radiant heating elements.

It also has additional programmes for making bread, proving dough and low temperature cooking.

How will this fit into my kitchen?

This is a built in oven, designed to sit at eye-level for ease of use. It will sit flush with the front of any surrounding cupboard and look really sleek and stylish once in. 

It also has Neff’s innovative Slide&Hide door which pivots and retracts fully inside the oven cavity, directly below the cooking compartment, as the door is opened. This means that the open door doesn't obstruct access to the oven and makes it an ideal choice of oven for a galley style kitchen.

How easy is this oven to clean?

This oven has pyrolytic self cleaning. Pyrolytic cleaning heats the oven to around 500 degrees, burning left over food and grease to ash. The door has quadruple glazed glass too, so the exterior stays cool during the pyrolytic programme.