SRSLSR200.CE7, Sony new remote control with portable speaker for any TV

by Sony
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EAN: 4548736112094

Sony SRS-LSR200 It is a new remote control for any TV, not only Sony TVs, which also includes a three speakers, which can be connected remotely to the TV.

The portable speaker, in addition to two 2W speakers for the right and left channels, includes a third speaker in the center that only reproduces voice frequencies and Sony explains that they did it this way since reducing the influence of the other two speakers, They reduce distortion and the voice is heard more clearly and cleanly.

The unit rests on a base that is connected to the TV, which in addition to transmitting the sound through the 2.4GHz wireless home network, serves to charge the speaker's battery and can do it completely in just 3 hours. The battery life of the wireless speaker is 11 hours.

The infrared remote control together with the wireless speaker weighs 630 grams, about 1.4 pounds. The interesting thing is that if they don't want anyone else to hear what the TV is playing, they can connect a headset to the 3.5mm port that this product has.